About us

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We started in 2009 delivering B2B technology leads to media and event companies.

Sure, some things have changed. We used data then, but we use a lot more now. We used to do more calls, but now we do more research, have longer engagements and work harder at building relationships.

But one thing hasn’t changed – it is still all about conversations about technology, people and everything in between.

That’s what we are good at.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Midhat Manessi

Campaign Delivery and Strategy Director

Charlotte Cox

EMEA Campaign Manager

Chris Copp

Head Of Reporting

Rob Hart

Client Services Director

Tom Gradidge

APAC & USA Team Manager

Myles Panayiotis

Head of IT Services and Technology

Eya Taylor

Lead Data Analyst

John O'connor

Human Resources Manager
In just a few steps

How to Get Started

We will work with you to curate your campaign to target your ideal customer profile taking into account ABM and Suppression lists.
Our highly skilled Build Team will source data, build your email templates, landing pages, and take care of hosting digital assets.
We will launch the campaign to your target audience using our unique outreach, delivering your message to the right people at the right time.
We will provide weekly reporting to match your company's approved method, with two-way feedback to make sure your campaign is a success.